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ExtPAC Ltd., London/Mallorca

ExtPAC Ltd., London is based in London with direct access to many institutions in the area of ​​financing, investment and international corporate design.

In the transition phase of "Brexit", it is determined how the United Kingdom will restructure its historically existing economic worldwide structures with knowledge to efficient new structures. Despite still unknown expectations, the company's management is geared to a large-scale international working environment. Partners will be assisted by the changing focus of the economy and the use of digital developments in the optimal development of their businesses.

We work with every professional member of the real estate business. The location of our clients is not important, the region and the aim of the project are decisive. Investments amd projects will optimally benefit from the substantial number of direct contacts with clients and business partners.


71-75 Shelton Street
Covent Garden
London, WC2H 9JQ
United Kingdom
Company no.: 10407604

UK Tel.: +44(0) 20 3866 1199
Spain Tel:. +34 652644995


We speak German, Spanish, English and other languages!