ExtPAC Ltd., London/Mallorca 

is a strategic consultancy focussed on promoting sale and purchase of properties of their clients in Majorca and other Spanish regions. ExtPAC Ltd. cooperates to all industries related to the real estate business by means of renting out websites with marketing and sales options. The webpage is the basic commercial website of ExtPAC Ltd. serving clients to present their properties, products and services of all kind. Other websites, as well as newly designed customer websites, are available at the demand of our clients.  This webpage, is the commercial center generating contacts with clients and interested parties collaborating with us. Another website is, which will be reconstructed soon. All systems, currently set up for Mallorca, can be rented. It is possible to have a complete or partial page developed individually according to the specifications of professional and suppliers. Service providers and suppliers of suitable services can be included in the design according to customer requirements. Individual functions can be programmed on request on the website. Planning, monitoring and project closing can form part of the ExtPAC Ltd. performances. Registered professional clients have access to up to € 650 credits for each property published at a rented website.

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Registered professional clients have access to all ExtPAC services enjoying private discounts and credits.

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We speak German, Spanish, English and other languages!